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We improve people performance
at managerial, team and organisational levels


We implement performance improvement objectives agreed with clients


We facilitate workshops to achieve these objectives

We improve the effectiveness of top teams typically by 30%


We develop trainers and facilitators


We provide business mentoring and personal coaching online and face-to-face


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          Why "Symfonys"? Our name mirrors our purpose and approach:

a symphony, like a committed team, develops and changes as it grows and builds on earlier development

both a symphony and a team are ‘driven’ forward by their structure

the Greek root of the word (syn) means together

the Greek word symphonia means harmony and orchestra

symphonos means agree; symphysis means union or growing together of parts

syntonia means tuned in - and has other meanings: attunement, alignment, synchronising, orchestrate,


unison, virtuosity, performance, conduct, lead, direct, and synergy - the outcome of effective TEAMwork