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The Benefits of Developing TEAMwork

Chief Executives and senior managers have stated many improvements resulting from our core development workshop. These quotes are from the same people who provided our testimonials.

“enhanced levels of service both to internal  and external customers”

“people,  systems and structures, goals and management style are now aligned

“we have managed to do away with all the internal politics

“levels of trust have increased immeasurably”

productivity has improved noticeably”

meetings became much more productive”

“we have re-evaluated workplace procedures and practices”

“broke down inter-level and inter-department communication barriers”

confidence to contribute by lower levels increased”

“we feel less ‘exposed’ and uncertain”

interdepartmental conflict has been reduced”

“we clarify and address burning issues more effectively now”

relationships are more open and helpful”

staff turnover has been reduced by 14%”

“we now engage in constructive, speedy and creative problem-solving”

“there is greater understanding of and commitment to our business goals

“our new mission statement gives the business more focus and sense of purpose”

communication barriers were and continue to be broken down”

“people are more willing to embrace the changes we need to introduce, so we can keep ahead of the competition and fast-changing market”

information flows much more freely”

“we generated numerous ways of improving efficiency

“we now manage time instead of reacting to pressures”

“senior management are more aware of and open to alternative approaches and management styles to achieve goals and motivate people”

“we can now tap a much deeper reservoir of ideas

“we have examined ways of using the strengths of our corporate culture

“the shared experience created strong bonding and cooperation

“our staff's personal growth has been encouraged”

Each of these benefits significantly, if indirectly, impacts the bottom line.  



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