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An intensive 2-day experience to build and energise your team and organisation

All organisations value TEAMwork in theory; few put the theory to work effectively. Many organisations are reengineering themselves around TEAMs but experience the difficulties of  implementing and sustaining TEAMwork momentum.

This programme is tailored to generate positive attitudes and to support organisational goals, especially during a major change exercise. Commitment to organisation goals and motivation to achieve them are essential prerequisites for success. This programme features a unique blend of outdoor physical challenges and indoor activities, both of which focus on planning, strategy, teamwork, creativity, assertiveness and competitiveness and their effect on the achievement of  outcomes.  

    energising and tapping the potential and synergy of people

    reducing conflict between people and departments

    supporting, building trust and opening up communication channels

    creating awareness of people, interaction, teamwork principles

    improved team problem-solving and decision-making

    planning and sustaining improvement and gaining and maintaining commitment

    participative, experiential, intense and fast-moving

    activity will be followed by review of learning and application

    run for an intact work team or for a mixed group of up to 100 people

    a complete range of learning activities can be combined to reinforce learning goals -

 including outdoor activities such as orienteering, high wire, firewalking, canoeing  


2004 SYMFONYS Group     Updated 23 October 2004