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In the next decade, managers will have to cope with increasingly unfamiliar challenges. The only competence guaranteed to remain constant in the sea-change of uncertainty and confusion: adopting an aggressive, proactive learning approach to problem-solving. SYMFONYS Millennium Workshops fill the gap between concept-based and experiential courses. SYMFONYS offers a facilitated, issue- and solution-focused learning environment, using state-of-the-art techniques to explore performance-enhancing workplace applications.   

Unlike most courses, these workshops give participants the opportunity to:

¨        Become confident using a learning and problem-solving model which applies to all situations, and not just the one area examined during a single workshop

¨        Explore theory only to the extent of its direct relevance and applicability to their current work issues

¨        Learn from multiple inputs:

¨        from the resolution of their own current key  issues,

¨        from the discussion of other participants' issues

¨        from global best practices introduced by experts

¨        from the experience of our facilitator



Designed for

·          CEOs and senior executives

·          Business and Function heads

·          Executives with a minimum of 10 years’ experience



·          Issue-focused and action-based

·          Seeking solution valid for the new millennium

·          Best practices culled from around the world

·          Convenient, efficient and effective format

·          Introducing latest research and developments          

CEO Forums

·          Follow-up activities and coaching

·          Real-life case studies

·          Conceptual content delivered cost-effectively

·          Founded on a systematic performance improvement process

·          Expert-facilitated sessions to ensure immediate applicability

·          Facilitator follow-up to reinforce workplace enhancements

·          Optional consulting possibilities


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