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A one day ‘application’ workshop to transform your organisation’s communications

(Workshop also called "Communication for Profit")

All organisations must improve communication, especially in times of expansion, challenge and change. This workshop addresses your organisational communication issues, by involving all selected members of the organisation. “Managing communication” delivers immediate, measurable results cost-effectively.

·    communication practices will be discussed and scrutinised

·    new standards of effective communication will be crafted

·    the whole organisation will be involved and will learn together

·    all will identify and resolve key organisational communication issues

·    a highly motivating experience which fully transfers back to the workplace

·    members of the organisation will be aligned with and committed to new goals

·    inter-departmental and inter-personal communication will improve immediately

·    the organisational reservoir of ideas will be more fully tapped

·    external and internal service standards will be enhanced

·    conflict between departments and levels will be reduced

·    targeted communication barriers will be broken down

·    discussion during the workshop will be supported by  a questionnaire resulting in your

     Organisation Communication Profile.

·    highly participative, intense and fast-moving through a series of stages:

·    identification of and agreement on key communication issues; review of Profile; agreement


·    standards of communication; recommendations for action and allocation of responsibilities.

·    direct relevance will be ensured by working on a major current project/goal to be selected

     before the workshop.


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