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Success Stories - 5 

Senior team’s effectiveness improved by 28%  in three months

The Background

The recently-appointed Senior Manager of the Head Office Group Marketing function with global responsibilities, after reviewing his function’s performance, took an early decision to redefine the role of the function both in Head Office and regionally. The Head Office senior management team, comprising a nearly equal mix of expatriates and Chinese executives, went through a difficult and confusing two months adjusting to their new manager and role, a confusion which soon spread to the regions and generally exacerbated the inherited problems which the Senior Manager was intending to resolve. Six months into his posting, the Senior Manager sought assistance.


The Development Process

We agreed with the Senior Manager the overall goals to guide the process initially, on the understanding that the achievement of those goals would require full participation and commitment of the senior management team, and that this could only be expected if they were involved in agreeing the goals themselves. The major goals were to address the issues about the role of the Marketing function and to improve collaboration between members of the management team. The following steps were agreed:

·     Meetings with each member of the senior team individually to gather information

·     Presentation to the whole team to feedback the findings an discuss next steps

·     Agreement by the team to invest in a 2-day residential weekend workshop and on the goals of the weekend

·     The weekend Workshop focused on the two major goals in equal proportion, and ‘bridged’ by the team agreeing its teamwork effectiveness criteria, against which it rated its performance (the same criteria used to measure improvement at the review meeting 3 months later).  The team ended by prioritising key tasks for performance improvement for the two major business and teamwork goals, with milestones for achievement

·     The team diarised three meetings in the month following the workshop and two in the subsequent two months

·     At the 1-day Review Workshop early in the fourth month, the team discussed what it had learnt , decided on procedures to ensure this learning was ‘locked into’ team actions, reviewed and measured its performance over the three months - to find a very significant overall 28% improvement, but more importantly a 76% improvement in the area identified during the weekend Workshop as most requiring attention - and decided on a plan to “cascade” part of the process they had experienced to the regions


The Benefits

Apart from benefits flowing from the considerably improved teamwork of the senior Marketing team and their relationship with the regional Marketing departments, the image and service of the Marketing function to line management were enhanced, as was proved by the feedback the team sought as part of its post-Workshop key tasks. The organisation as a whole benefited from the support of a more finely-tuned and -aligned Marketing function.


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