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TEAMpacks are tailored to each team and assist the team manager to achieve different objectives. This example TEAMpack facilitates the agreement of TEAMwork Goals.



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We have two kinds of TEAMpack: PROCESS packs and INFORMATION packs

1) PROCESS packs, which guide a manager through a process - designed step-by-step to allow managers to take their team through a critical development process - such a agreeing team goals

2) INFORMATION packs, which contain information useful in different team development situations - such as up-to-date background reading before embarking on a strategic planning process

We usually tailor TEAMpacks to meet the specific needs of our clients. This TEAMpack is for agreeing TEAMwork Effectiveness Goals - teams are often clear about the TASK goals, but very few have any TEAM goals, let alone understand them.


bulletSaves much team time by avoiding confusion about roles, goals and responsibilities
bulletSaves time of an internal facilitator or the cost of an external one
bulletThe team manager develops own facilitation skills as well as team's effectiveness and gets to know team members
bulletTeam members enjoy the experience and understand each other

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