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How does my team perform?

Team Tune-up Questionnaire (TTQ) Symfonys

The Team Tune-up questionnaire will give you insights into your team's performance. We invite you to reflect on your team and its ability to perform - Team Tune-up uses the metaphor of music to help this subjective process. Music avoids the words, meanings and associations of popular music and allows you to focus on your reactions to the more abstract and some less familiar sounds of mainly European classical music (in compressed and less- than- realistic midi format to ensure quick loading time).



TTQ consists of 12 extracts. Listen to each extract, asking yourself "Is this what my team 'feels' like?" There is no 'right' choice! What's important is that you listen with your mind and heart, listening to each piece for long enough to get a good feel for it. Next to each extract is a rating box to help you juggle your choices as you listen - rate each piece out of 10 (10 = most like my team, 1 = least like). TAKE NOTES as you listen.

TTQ is copyright. Please do NOT print, reproduce or use without our permission. We are pleased for you to use it for yourself on our site. If you wish to use it with your team/s, you may do so after you have e-mailed us for our permission. Thank you.

Ready? Click on notes again to start TTQ

(here follows the body of TTQ, which ends with a Review)


When you have finished listening to all the extracts, AFTER copying your notes, 

then click here to review your findings. 


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