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Welcome! We appreciate you visiting us and hope you find plenty to interest you on our website.

How well-tuned is your team?


Top Teams: the top team in a hierarchy (company, department etc) has a serious impact on others but often fails
         to work on its effectiveness; we work with actual teams to address their issues and to accelerate their improvement

Orchestration: the most common brake on performance is when members of a team play without fully knowing the
         score - which creates disharmony, misalignment, misunderstanding and confusion

High performance: most teams fail to tune into high performance characteristics, processes and competencies


Cost-savings: we have worked with over 200 senior teams worldwide. The average hourly salary of these teams was
         US$1,391. The average improvement in team performance (as measured by the teams themselves) was 38% after a
         2-day workshop - US$529 PER HOUR! Since senior teams meet for over 3 hours per week, that's a saving of  US$6,350
         per week - without taking into account other benefits at lower levels of the organisation, nor of increases in creativity,
         productivity, energy and morale


Accelerate improvement: teams need to move faster than the changes impacting them to generate velocity
        (momentum + direction); the key skill here is learning, which in turn must be accelerated


Tune up: we act as catalysts to tune instruments and players and create synergy; we use the metaphor of music -
         hence our name, Symfonys; not to mention the music we use on our workshops


Facilitate: to 'make easier' - we help teams tune up their performance; few managers or teams have the skills necessary
         to tune their performance - external expertise saves time and mistakes as well as providing 'objective' impetus

Example of one of our 'Tune-up' Questionnaires

More about the Top Team workshop

HowcanSymfonys help you otherwise?

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