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 We believe... 

that working together is key to the resolution of individual, team, organisation, social and global problems and to the next stage of human evolution
that the global move towards TEAMwork is unstoppable and that enlightened companies act upon this “fact”
that any investment in development activity must more than pay for itself
that we all can and need to become more than we are
that there is abundance, unlimited potential when targeted with imagination and intent and that development is the key to unlocking them
that only TEAMwork can, in today’s market-place, keep abreast and ahead of change and of the expectations of staff and customers

that TEAMwork is key to commitment, communication, mission and goals and the foundation for continuous improvement

that successful change necessitates building “critical mass” and that the TEAM is the key unit to reach that “mass”

that developing a committed working team produces superior and more measurable results much cheaper than sending individuals on courses

that effectiveness only improves when real, team-specific issues are addressed directly rather than when current management fads are adopted

that better results are achieved when people are having fun

that creative solutions to major business issues depend on TEAMwork

that the skill of learning from experience is mission-critical in fast-shifting times and markets

that the TEAM is the key “bridging mechanism” in an organisation, bridging the gap between individuals, between departments, between the internal world of the organisation and the external world of the market-place

that effective development must exercise the muscles of the mind but also pass through the furnace of the heart

that the “process” (or way in which actions are taken) is as important as the “outcome” and “content” of those actions

that the key to effectiveness is the “liberation” of rather than the “empowerment” of people and therefore...

that “letting go” is a key managerial attribute for generating commitment

that we offer the best service available

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